Yacht Port

Górki Zachodnie – Gdańsk

The development, as a result of which three quays and a jetty will be extended. The works to be carried out on land include, among others, construction of retaining (flood protection) walls, disassembly of the existing crane and assembly of a new one at the “S” quay. A section of the sanitary sewage system will be built from the sewage collection point to the septic tank, as well as a section of the power grid, cable and telecommunication duct system.

New lighting will be installed so that the Yacht Port can be used at any time. There are also plans to build a new surface and lawns as well as place information boards.

There is even more work waiting for the contractor “on the water”. These works will include, among others, dredging works in the yacht port basin and at the Śmiała Wisła. During this work, it will also be necessary to carry out quality tests for the purity of bottom sediments and dredging spoil.

The “W”, “S”, “N” quays and the “E” jetty will also be reconstructed. Wooden platforms should also be dismantled and new floating platforms and a breakwater built.

The NDI Group must take care of the quay equipment: mooring bollards, access ladders, fendering, lifebuoy stands, lighting pedestals equipped with electrical sockets and water valves. There will also be rescue equipment and a ramp for disabled people.

The investor is the Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk. Biuro Projektów Budownictwa Morskiego Projmors Sp. z o. o. is responsible for the project. The cost of the works is over PLN 18.5 million.

NDI General Contractor NDI
Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk Investor Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk
2021-2022 Project's execution 2021-2022