As part of the project, the company will focus on construction works in the field of wastewater treatment technology, construction structures along with land development, electricity, automation and control. As a result, the system will process a maximum of 850 m3 of wastewater per day. The investment will include, among others, the construction of a wastewater reception and transport system with a mechanical treatment stage, a biological wastewater treatment reactor, a sludge management node with a sludge stabilisation chamber, and a sludge dewatering and cleaning station. In addition, the facility will be expanded with blower stations, reagent dosing stations and a process water tank. Moreover, the process networks and systems in the facility will be expanded. The facility’s control system will be modernised, which will allow for efficient control of the operation of wastewater treatment technology. Ponadto obiekt zostanie rozbudowany o stacje dmuchaw, dozowania reagentów czy zbiornik wody technologicznej. Dodatkowo zostaną rozbudowane sieci i instalacje technologiczne na obiekcie. Modernizacji ulegnie system sterowania obiektem, co pozwoli na sprawną kontrolę działania technologii oczyszczania ścieków.
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NDI Energy General Contractor NDI Energy
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