16 August 2012

We shall modernise a railway line in Mazowsze, Central Poland

NDI has won the contract on modernisation of the railway line Tłuszcz – Ostrołęka. The value of the contract is over 11 million zloty. The project shall be completed in 5 months.

To begin with, we shall develop all required project documentation for the design-build project delivery system.
The project includes construction works which will, in future, enable train traffic at V=100 km/h speed in the Tłuszcz – Wyszków section and V=120 km/h speed in the Wyszków – Ostrołęka section.

The construction works will include:

– remodelling of the track at a length of5.04 km
– railway crossings renovation
– renovation of several engineering constructions
– remodelling of the Jarzębia Łąka passenger station
– covering SPP units of the B category at four crossings to improve safety

The project will be delivered under a consortium with Balzola, a Spanish company. The NDI – Balzola cooperation has had good experience in previous projects. NDI is currently involved in a remodelling project at theKatowice Market Square. The project is about alteration of the tramway track, change of the tramway stop location and about building a bridge over the Rawa river. The scope of works also consists of remodelling of the traffic system, public squares, tramway track and technical infrastructure in the Round About -Market Squarearea inKatowice. The value of the project is 28 million zloty.

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