21 August 2012

NDI has joined the Reliable Company Programme

The Reliable Company Programme focuses on honesty and reliability in business and promotes payment reliability as well business transparency. The Reliability Certificate is the most updated information about any company’s solvency and reliability. It is constantly updated with data received from the National Debt Register which means that the Reliability Certificate is an objective proof that the certificate holder is a reliable partner with a transparent corporate culture.

The Reliable Company Programme participants, in pursuing its objectives, commit themselves to the ethical standards defined in the 5 Commandments of a Reliable Company and to the Code of Conduct.

1. Set up an objective beyond profit
2. Show respect to your customers
3. Take care of your employees
4. Get involved in social responsibility
5. Have environment in mind

The overreaching objective of the Reliable Company Programme is to promote ethical principles among Polish businessmen, such as law-abiding, integrity, transparency and responsibility in business. The Code of Conduct should contribute to the promotion of the idea of corporate social responsibility among all the Programme participants. The Program’s intention is to improve the moral standards of Polish business which is meant to provide a good foundation for strong companies which are a prerequisite for a sound Polish economy.

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