26 April 2013

The topping-out ceremony at the Hippodrome

The topping-out ceremony was held at the Sopot Hippodrome on 26 April. The completion of the construction works is scheduled for this September.

Revitalisation of the existing Hippodrome complex consists in a comprehensive investment effort, i.e. comprises the construction of new buildings, expansion and revamp of the existing ones, and landscaping. Speaking in aggregate figures, there will be four new buildings erected, and the existing five structures will be given an overhaul, redeveloped, or restored.

Map – the scale of the revitalisation works on the Hippodrome complex:

The scope of the works

The new facilities are: the stables for recreational and sport horses (1 and 3, respectively), the garage and workshop building combined with personnel amenities (4), and the gatehouse (13). The partially pulled down building No. 7 has been replaced with two new structures, i.e. the jockey house (7B) and stalls for the horses awaiting the race (7A). The main manege hall (2) has been thoroughly redeveloped and expanded with the stands and catering annexes, and administration and hotel sections.

The umpire quarters have undergone comprehensive redevelopment (9). The only authentic elements of the building retained are the foundations and the properly reinforced timber frame cage. All other elements of the exterior, that is the facades and the windows and doors, as well as the indoor finish and installations are being restored through replacement.

Moreover, the entire Hippodrome estate is undergoing modernisation – the infrastructure, road system, and landscaping. The only elements of compound that do not need revitalisation are: the main stands, some stables, and the storage buildings.

Current advancement and the plans before the completion of the modernisation works

Today, all buildings are roofed, their windows installed, and the façade works are nearing the end. All outdoor installations are in place, and the road works around the buildings are steadily advancing. The finishing and installation works indoors are in progress. Once the latter stage is completed, the stables and their auxiliary annexes will be given their fixtures and fittings and furnished. The project works will be crowned with landscaping the grounds and enhancing the whole lot with garden architecture.

Since the commencement of the works last July the construction of two stable buildings (1 and 3) has been completed (taken over from the previous contractor), the garage and workshop building (4) erected, all adding up to the usable floor area in excess of 10.000 m2. Nearly 100 tons of steel and 400m3 of timber have been built in their carrying structures. This May, once the concrete flooring has been finished, the erection of steel and timber box partitions will begin for 200 horses. Completion of the prevailingly wooden external finish of the buildings is planned for the end of May.

The demolished foundations of the previous large manege hall (2) yielded nearly 2,500 tons of rubble. The new building is founded on the total of 128 piles, 50 cm in diameter each. Nearly 2,500 m3 out of the planned 3,000 m3 of concrete have already been built into the facility structure. The erection of structural steel (approximately 200 tons) and the roofing will begin at the turn of April and May. Once these elements are ready, finishing and installation works will accelerate.

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