22 April 2013

NDI S.A. has signed the contract to modernise railway line 353

On 22 April NDI S.A. and PKP PLK Warsaw signed the contract to modernise railway line No. 353, section Inowrocław – Jabłonowo Pomorskie. The contract is valued at PLN 247,860,172.36 gross. The works will continue until April next year.

As anticipated, the project will result in improved quality of the transport services thanks to improved technical condition of the railway line No. 353 in its section from Inowrocław to Jabłonowo Pomorskie. The works exclude section Toruń Central – Toruń East, which is subject to rehabilitation under the BiT City project.

Revitalisation of the Inowrocław – Jabłonowo Pomorskie section is of key significance for enhancing the efficiency of transport over the route from Inowrocław through Toruń, Iława, up to Olsztyn. Thanks to the modernisation the travelling time on the Olsztyn – Toruń – Poznań – Wrocław route will be reduced by ca. 1.5 hours.

The project will involve e.g.: rail replacement over the distance of over 100 km (no subgrade regeneration) plus 9 km of rail replacement (subgrade regeneration included), replacement of 75 crossovers, overhaul of another 55 crossovers and 16 engineering devices.

This is already the third project consisting in railway line modernisation pursued by NDI. The Company is currently in the midst of another revitalisation project on railway line No. 207, section Chełmża – Grudziądz, under the broader undertaking on the route Toruń East – Malbork.

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