Road tunnel under the Monte Cassino Street



Within the scope of the project City Centre of Sopot, a car tunnel was built along the Grunwaldzka Street, enabling a collision-free connection of "Monciak" with the pier. The tunnel is 3.6 m below sea level and approx. 5 m below the groundwater table. The execution of the project “City Centre of Sopot” also required the construction of new and the reconstruction of the existing infrastructure network, and the modernization of the road system. All work was done in a way ensuring continuous operation of the network sections affected by the project, in particular sections of the drainage and sewerage systems. Within the scope of the investment, the storm water drainage system with the total length of approx. 1300m, the sanitary sewerage system with a length of 1000m, the water supply network with a length of 600m, and the gas network with a length of 300m were constructed or modernized. Also related works were carried out, such as the reconstruction of power grids and heat distribution network. The sewage pumping station „Pośrednia” was modernized and the rainwater stream from the Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street have been passed under the tunnel along the Grunwaldzka and Powstańców Warszawy Streets using a siphon, while the collector pipeline of the stream was rebuilt over a length of approx. 300m.
NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
2006-2009 Project's execution 2006-2009
1300 meters
modernized storm sewer system
1000 meters
modernized sanitary sewage system
5 meters
positioning a tunnel below the water table

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