The completion of the reconstruction of Wojska Polskiego Avenue in Częstochowa (DK-91) is one of the largest road investments currently underway in Częstochowa, creating a new transport backbone for the city. It is intended to facilitate communication with the northern junction of the A1 motorway and allow collision-free driving through almost the entire city in the north-south relation.
The subject of the contract is the comprehensive construction implementation and assembly works related to the reconstruction of the road called the “old one” along with its infrastructure, among others, the construction of two new two-level intersections, a new flyover in the Raków district or footbridges for pedestrian and bicycle traffic over the route.
The investor is the Roads Authority in Częstochowa. The value of the investment is over PLN 359 million and the expected completion time is the second half of 2023.
 NDI S.A and NDI Sopot S.A. General Contractor NDI S.A and NDI Sopot S.A.
359 mln złotych Project Value 359 mln złotych
MZD in Częstochowa Investor MZD in Częstochowa