Nowa Bulońska Street in Gdańsk


Nowa Bulońska street

The construction of Nowa Bulońska Północ is one of the largest investments currently underway in Gdańsk, which will connect the Piecki-Migowo district with the southern districts of Gdańsk. The investment involves the construction of a streetcar line, roadway and bicycle path with accompanying infrastructure.
The subject of the contract is a comprehensive implementation of construction and assembly works associated with the construction of a new tram line and its infrastructure. The Nowa Bulońska Północna will be 2.7 km long. It will connect the existing Bulońska street with Jabłoniowa. The investment will involve a new double track tram (2.6 km long), which will start by the existing tram line at the intersection of Bulońska and Myśliwska. Its course will cross, among others, Stolemna and Kartuska, and it will end by the intersection of Warszawska and Jabłoniowa. Along the new street, there will be four new stops, approximately 0.5 km from each other.
NDI/Balzola Consortium General Contractor NDI/Balzola Consortium
City Expansion Directorate of Gdańsk Investor City Expansion Directorate of Gdańsk
2018-2019 Project's execution 2018-2019
PLN 191.7 million Project value PLN 191.7 million

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