30 August 2022

New reinforced concrete piers already at the Yacht Port in Górki Zachodnie!

A crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tonnes has unloaded reinforced concrete pontoons on the site of the Yacht Port that is being extended and enlarged in Górki Zachodnie, Gdańsk. Once this investment is completed, as many as 180 sailboats will be able to moor at the new piers. The general contractor is doing its best to ensure that sailors can enjoy modern infrastructure in the new season.

Thanks to the expansion of the Port, the investor of which is Dyrekcja Rozbudowy Miasta Gdańska, three quays and a jetty will soon be available. The general contractor, NDI based in Sopot, also included in the scope of work: demolitions, strengthening of existing quays, deepening of the basin to the level of -4 metres, removal of dredging spoil from the bottom with a volume of approx. 10,700 m3 (area of approx. 14,000 m2) and the implementation of navigational markings.

“We have already completed the deepening of the bottom. We have completed all reinforced concrete works on quays W and S. There is still work to be done on N and E quays. We are also currently nearing the end of the pile-driving works for the floating piers,” reports Piotr Gosch, the Site Manager at NDI.

The general contractor has also already started installing reinforced concrete pontoons, which will be used to create three floating piers for mooring yachts and a floating breakwater to protect the marina from the Vistula side.

A total of 19 pontoons will be installed. Each of them is about 20 metres long, 3 metres wide and 1.06 metres high. All such massive elements came to Gdańsk from a prefabrication factory in Szczecin. A crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tonnes was used to unload them.

“Later this month, the installation of hydrotechnical equipment will also begin. Once the construction trades and reinforced concrete works have been completed, all that remains to be done is the paving, cleaning and finishing work,” says the Site Manager from NDI.

The NDI Group shall also take care of the quay equipment: mooring bollards, access ladders, fendering, lifebuoy stands, lighting pedestals with electrical sockets and water valves.

The cost of the works is over PLN 18.5 million. The general contractor was given 12 months to complete them, which was quite a challenge due to the sometimes extremely difficult weather conditions (especially in autumn and winter). All works are due to be completed this year.

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