16 September 2022

Car park with 807 spaces for the National Institute of Oncology almost ready!

All that remains to be done at the construction site of the multi-storey car park for the National Institute of Oncology in Gliwice is the final clean-up and commissioning works. When completed, 807 new parking spaces will be available for patients and staff, dramatically improving parking conditions at the site, which sees up to several hundred visitors every day.

The new four-storey car park has a total area of approximately 20,000 square metres. 807 cars will soon be able to park there. 20 spaces are designated for disabled people. The object is equipped with charging stations for electric cars. The launch of the car park will significantly facilitate individual patients’ access to the Institute.

“We started construction in November last year. It has been over eight months and the car park is practically ready. Clean-up work is still in progress. We are waiting for the electricity provider to apply the target voltage. We will then proceed with the commissioning procedure and we will be able to hand over the object to the Contracting Authority together with its permission for use,” says Kamil Kasprzak, Project Director from NDI Group which is the general contractor for this investment.

The construction of such a large object at such a fast pace was possible thanks to the use of prefabricated elements, i.e. premade reinforced concrete structural elements. 1,379 prefabricated elements have been assembled, the heaviest of which weighed almost 16 tonnes. Logistics was a considerable challenge for this project, as there were times when up to 30 transports with construction elements arrived at the construction site every day in such a busy area of Gliwice.

The car park is primarily intended to fulfil a utilitarian function, i.e. to accommodate as many cars as possible. It therefore has four storeys. Parking is possible both on the roof and the ground floor. To ensure that this large body with dimensions of 130 metres in length, 30 in width and 12 to 15 in height is not overwhelming, an interesting architectural solution has been used. Decorative panels made of cable trays were used on the facade of the building. The building looks even more impressive at night, thanks to a special control system for the building’s lighting, which is switched on when a sensor detects movement on a particular storey. This makes it so that, from the outside, even every few seconds, some parts of the car park are illuminated and others go down.

The investor is the National Institute of Oncology in Gliwice and the general contractor is the NDI Group.

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