30 August 2022

The consortium of NDI Energy Sp. z o.o. and NDI S.A. signed an agreement with the Public Transport Authority (ZTM) in Poznań

On the section of the double-track tram line from the Słowiańska stop to the Szymanowskiego stop in km, we will carry out a comprehensive modernisation of the track surface, including the replacement of the platform edge surfaces of the following stops: Słowiańska, Solidarności, Lechicka/Poznań Plaza, Kurpińskiego and Szymanowskiego.

The length of the modernised section is as much as 3.926 km, or 7.852 km of a single track.

The deadline for completion of the work is 13 months.

For the realisation of the section of the PST route from the Słowiańska stop to the Szymanowskiego stop, the City of Poznań received funding in the amount of PLN 25.5 million from the state budget as part of the Polish Deal Government Fund: Strategic Investment Project Programme No. 01/2021/3040/Polski Ład.

Note: the contract was signed on July 29, 2022 (electronically)

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