4 April 2022

A key stage in the extension of the Port in Puck

The works on the extension of the port in Puck are entering a decisive phase. The first stage of the work platform has already been completed, thanks to which it is possible to drive the sheet piling of the permanent platform, and driving, reinforced concrete works and stone ripraps were started. The investment will create 98 new berths for yachts and passenger vessels.

“The investment is extremely important for our city. Puck is the historical maritime capital of Poland. It was here that the ceremony of Poland’s wedding with the sea took place after regaining independence. Here also fragments of an early medieval port were found. Puck has always been developing towards the sea, opening itself towards the sea,” reminds Hanna Pruchniewska, Mayor of Puck. “There is already a yacht port and a fishing port. They have a total capacity of 60 vessels. But it is still not enough considering the demand. The extension of the marina by the area for another almost 100 vessels, and in the second stage for even more vessels, is extremely important to use this potential. It will be an absolute magnet attracting various kinds of services that will probably raise the standard of living of the inhabitants and help us to develop.”

The scope of works of the first stage of the project, the contract of which amounts to almost PLN 33 million, includes, among others, the construction of a part of the northern breakwater, which will protect the fishing pool from excessive waving, as well as the implementation of a permanent connection platform with a length of 180 m together with three floating platforms for yachts. There are also plans to prepare the base of the port’s hinterland. On the platforms, there will be pedestals for power and water supply, stands with rescue equipment, ladders, and mooring cleats. As a result, in addition to the existing ones, as many as 98 new berths for yachts and passenger vessels will be created. The General Contractor is NDI, a company based in Sopot.

“With the arrival of spring, the construction is entering a decisive stage. So far, we have managed to execute the sheet piling of the closing quay with its anchoring, as well as some of the riprap works and prepare the site of works for reinforced concrete works on the closing quay,” lists Paweł Ciomek, Site Manager from NDI. “Currently, we are entering the works related to driving the sheet piling of the permanent platform, for which we have made an initial technological platform.”

In the near future, the works will move further into the Bay of Puck. Works on the construction of the northern breakwater are planned to start in May and June. They will be carried out from vessels.

“We have an ambitious plan to make stone ripraps to secure the breakwater during the holiday period,” says Paweł Ciomek.

About 30 thousand tonnes of hydrotechnical stone will be used to extend the marina, which is roughly 15 full trains.

The Contractor for the extension of the port in Puck is the NDI Group. The investor is the city of Puck. The works will be completed in 2023. The cost of the investment is approx. PLN 32.8 million.

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