29 March 2022

Extension of the provincial road 512 on the home stretch

Drivers who use the road from Pieniężno to Bartoszyce will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The extension of the almost 50-kilometre-long section of the provincial road No. 512 is coming to an end. 90 percent of all works have already been carried out, including the reconstruction of the bridge in Pełty and the construction of a new one in Wiewiórki.

The investment is implemented in two poviats, Braniewo and Bartoszyce, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The investor is the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – Voivodeship Roads Management in Olsztyn, and the General Contractor is the consortium of companies from the NDI Group. The project is supervised by SWECO.

The ring road for the town of Górowo Iławeckie and the village of Wojciechy as well as corrections of horizontal and vertical curves of the road 512 were made, among others. The road intersections, bridges and culverts, bus bays, pavements, parking spaces, street lighting, as well as road lane drainage were built and rebuilt.

The investment was divided into two tasks – the section from Pieniężno to Górowo Iławeckie and from Górowo Iławeckie to Bartoszyce.


110 thousand tonnes of bituminous masses

Currently, the progress of the project is at the level of approx. 90 percent. All additional subgrade reinforcement and a significant part of bituminous works were carried out, which means that approx. 110 thousand tonnes of mass were laid, and only approx. 12,500 tonnes remain to be laid. Most of the earthworks, street elements, reconstruction of telecommunication, power, water supply, gas and rain networks collisions were also completed. The bridge in Pełty was also rebuilt and a new one was built in Wiewiórki on the Elma River. All 92 culverts under the main roadway were completed.

“The first task, i.e. the section of Pieniężno – Górowo Iławeckie, is about to be completed. The last finishing works are still underway, such as reinforcing the ditches with concrete elements and topsoiling, making a vehicle weighing station out of paving stones and bitumen, and a bicycle path in Górowo. Works on the parking bay and pavements with additional drainage and lighting in Zięby are being completed,” says Robert Wąsewicz, Site Manager from NDI.

In turn, on the second section, curbs and edges are being placed, and pavements and exits are being made from concrete paving stones. Ditches with reinforcement and topsoiling are also near completion.

Completion by June

As the builders admit, the implementation of this investment posed a number of challenges for them

“The biggest challenge in this project was the logistics related to the supply of materials and the limited network of roads on which the materials for the construction of individual sections were transported. An additional difficulty turned out to be the occurrence of many places with different soil and water conditions from those assumed in the documentation,” says Marta Szydłowska, Project Director.

However, the extension of the road 512 is already on the home stretch. On the section Pieniężno – Górowo Iławeckie, the wearing course at km 11, the surfaces of exits from concrete paving stones and bitumen and the bituminous pavement on the bicycle path in Górowo remain to be made. In addition, the placing of the vertical markings and the execution of the horizontal markings must be completed. Finishing works at the ditches, guiding fences for amphibians, planting trees and completing the construction of the rainwater drainage system in Pluty are also to be carried out. On the section Górowo Iławeckie– Bartoszyce, pavements and bus bays in Tolko and Spytajny, Road Transport Inspection station at kilometre 36, as well as the wearing course from kilometre 41 to 47, exits, fences, plantings and reinforcements of ditches will be completed.

NDI will complete its works in June this year.

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