16 February 2022

Yacht port in Górki Zachodnie is growing

Exactly one year – this is the time the Contractor has been given for the extension of the yacht port in Górki Zachodnie in Gdańsk. Although the weather conditions have not been favourable recently, and construction has been going on for just a few months, the effects of work can already be seen with the naked eye.

The investment, worth PLN 18.5 million, is being carried out by the Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk. The General Contractor is NDI, a company based in Sopot.

“In autumn we started the first stage of the extension of the yacht port in Górki Zachodnie. After its completion more than 180 vessels will be able to berth in the port. The necessary infrastructure – reinforced concrete platforms, quays and a floating breakwater – will be built in the port area,” says Michał Zarzycki, task coordinator on behalf of the Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk. “The Contractor will also provide the quay with mooring bollards, access ladders, fendering, lighting pedestals with electrical sockets and water valves. The area will be illuminated and developed.”

For the time being, the works have focused primarily on the quays. The Contractor has 12 months to perform the contract, and the first part of the works fell during the autumn and winter period. Consequently, builders face not only technology, but also time and weather. Work sometimes has to be suspended due to strong winds and the so-called “backwater”. Additionally, efficiency decreases by about 50% in negative temperatures. Still, there is progress to brag about. On the “W” and “S” quays demolition works are coming to an end and walls are being driven in.

“Currently, on the construction site, the walls are being driven on the “N” quay and on the “E” jetty. The works are carried out from vessels using vibratory hammers and lattice cranes. At present, we are preparing to anchor the walls on the “W” quay. We are also going to start reinforced concrete works,” says Piotr Gosch, Works Manager from NDI.
“At the turn of February and March, the dredging works will also begin. The scope of works also includes dredging the reservoir to a level of -4 metres, and removal of dredging spoil from the bottom with a volume of approx. 10.7 thousand m3 (area of approx. 14 thousand m2).”

“We have also ordered floating platforms and a breakwater. The delivery is planned for the turn of May and June. We plan to install these platforms at the beginning of July,” says the Project Director.

New lighting will be installed so that the Yacht Port can be used at any time. There are also plans to perform a new surface and lawns as well as place information boards. It will also be necessary to prepare navigation markings.

The investment, thanks to which 180 places for yachts will be created, is co-financed by the EU. The investment implemented by Gdańsk is part of a strategic undertaking of the local government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship: “Development of the offer of water tourism in the area of the Żuławy Loop and the Gulf of Gdańsk”.

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