7 February 2023

We have signed a contract for the extension of the district road No. 2055P Kowalewko-Wargowo

The project will involve construction works, including the expansion of the intersection in Kowalewko and Wargowo to a roundabout, and the extension of the carriageway and other elements of the road prism along with drainage devices.

The length of the section is 2,574 metres and the project additionally provides for the reconstruction and extension of the road intersection entries. In addition to the extension of intersections, the investment will include the construction of new bicycle paths, pedestrian and bicycle paths and new bus bays. As part of the contract, a rainwater drainage system will be implemented, and rainwater and snowmelt pre-treatment installations will be installed on each of the sewer lines. The remaining sections of the reconstructed road will be drained through the designed roadside ditches. The existing road lighting will be extended. The ordering party is Powiat Obornicki, and the contract was signed with the participation of the Voivode of Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, the Mayor of Oborniki and the Councilors.

The investment will be carried out by NDI Energy.


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