7 February 2023

Changes in traffic organisation – Aleja Wojska Polskiego in Częstochowa

Less than a year remains until the new avenue – Aleja Wojska Polskiego – in Częstochowa (DK-91) is completed. With the construction of three two-level intersections, the image of the city’s major thoroughfare infrastructure will change completely, both underground and on the surface. Due to the necessary works, from Monday, 16 January, another change in traffic organisation, announced in the previous year, will be introduced. The currently open road Warsaw from ul. Rakowska to ul. Krakowska will be closed for traffic. The rest of the existing changes will also be maintained.

“Full closure of the entire section of Aleja Wojska Polskiego being built from scratch is necessary to rebuild the underground utility network, and these are stormwater and sanitary sewage networks, as well as gas and water pipelines, which must be rebuilt first on the section from Krakowska street towards Raków district,” explains Wojciech Pałczyński, Director of the South Division of NDI S.A.  “After 16 January, we will start by milling the pavement to be able to start the works I have mentioned; then we will carry out the road works related to the construction of the new road system.

The best way to avoid traffic disruptions will be, as before, to use the motorway bypass of the city. This solution is indicated to drivers on boards within the Częstochowa Północ interchange on A1 and in the area of the Podwarpie interchange south of Częstochowa along with information about ongoing works. Local and regional traffic will be directed to detours along the city streets. The suggested alternative due to the closure of the road towards Warsaw will be a detour along a route analogous to the southern direction, i.e. from Rakowska through Jagiellońska to Bohaterów Monte Cassino street and then, for example, Śląska, Kilińskiego to Aleja Jana Pawła II and the interchange with Aleja Wojska Polskiego avenue. The crossing through the intersection of Aleja Wojska Polskiego and Aleja Pokoju to Jagiellońska street in both directions will remain open. The trams will be still the fastest means of transport on the north-south axis in Częstochowa. The traffic organisation as above, with minor modifications in the coming months, will be maintained until the end of the planned works on Aleja Wojska Polskiego. Following the demolition of footbridges to date and planned for the coming weeks, the contractor will, after January 16, designate above-ground, fenced and hardened routes for pedestrian crossings in the area of the demolished footbridges, where new facilities will eventually be built.

“They will, of course, be moved following the progress of works, but we will certainly leave the possibility of crossing the street from one side to the other for residents near the existing crossings. Remember, however, that despite security measures and markings, you will be moving around the construction site, so you should take special care of yourself and others,”  assures and warns Wojciech Pałczyński from NDI.

At the end of January, works related to embedding the structure of the new bridge in the place of the former flyover in Raków are planned. Currently, an anti-corrosion coating is applied to the steel skeleton at the prefabrication plant in Kielce, where it will wait for transport.

The construction of the new Aleja Wojska Polskiego avenue is the largest road investment in the modern history of Częstochowa; it is also one of the largest road projects currently implemented in southern Poland. The investment was co-financed from EU funds. Its total cost after the resumption of works in 2022 amounts to PLN 359 million. After the construction is completed, the new infrastructure will be open to drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport passengers, and it will be possible to drive along Aleja Wojska Polskiego from Bugaj to Rząsawy without stopping. Roundabouts and junctions will facilitate traffic on transverse roads. The whole investment will get new lightning. The final works are scheduled for the end of 2023.

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