25 June 2014

The 4th European Financial Congress is over

The 4th European Financial Congress is over. During a series of debates, specialists in finance identified key challenges facing Poland and Europe. Proposals concerning the practical solutions of those problems were traditionally formulated as the Recommendations of the European Financial Congress, which will be submitted to Polish and EU decision makers.

This year, the Programme of the European Financial Congress was extended for the first time to include energy security issues. The participants in the three-day meeting concurred that energy security, in addition to financial security and innovation, is a necessary condition for further political integration of the Union and for the increase of the competitiveness of European economy.

That awareness was also reflected in the Recommendations of the 4th European Financial Congress, which are traditionally the greatest achievements of the Congress. – What distinguishes the European Financial Congress from other meetings of that kind is the fact that the Congress lives all year round thus creating the platform for the coordination of activities for the implementation of solutions to the biggest challenges facing Poland and Europe – summarised professor Leszek Pawłowicz, Director of Gdańsk Banking Academy and the Vice-President of the Institute for Market Economics, the latter being the co-organiser of the European Financial Congress.

We will present a film with the recommendations of the 4th European Financial Congress in Sopot soon.

Debates were attended, among others, by the following:
Laszlo Baranyay, Vice-President, European Investment Bank, Dan Breznitz, Professor at Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Steffen Kampeter, Parliamentary Secretary of State, Germany, Janusz Lewandowski, EU Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget, Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank, Mario Nava, Director, Financial Institutions, DG Markt, European Commission, Paul Ormerod, Partner, Volterra, Jürgen Schaaf, Counsellor to the Executive Board, European Central Bank, András Simor, Vice President, Policy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Günter Verheugen, European Commissioner for Enlargement in 1999-2004, European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry in 2004-2010, now honorary Professor at the European University Viadrina, Hans-Werner Sinn, President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research Professor of Economics at the University of Munich, Rolf Wenzel, Governor, Council of Europe Development Bank

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