17 June 2014

Completed reconstruction of tracks in Ruda Śląska

On 16 June, a certificate of completion of the works was signed in Ruda Śląska as part of projects 53 and 55 titled: “Track crossings in the city of Ruda Śląska: next to the terminus in Chebzie (100 m); at Asfaltowa street (20 m); at Dworcowa street (286 m); at Droga street to Lipiny (20 m); at Katowicka street (10 m)” (task No. 53), “Modernisation of the track subgrade along Zabrzańska street in Ruda Śląska” (task No. 55), as part of the Project titled:bed “Modernisation of tram and trolleybus infrastructure in the Upper Silesia Agglomeration with accompanying infrastructure.” In the Silesian agglomeration, NDI S.A. now redevelops track subgrade in Chorzów and Katowice, along with the redevelopment of the market square. What was especially satisfactory for the project team was the very good assessment of the works confirmed by the Contracting Authority with the certificate of completion.
The gross contract value was nearly PLN 20 m. The works commenced on 2 April 2013. Approximately 2,709.73 m of single track subgrade was redeveloped as part of task 55, and some 691.43 m of single track subgrade as part of task 53. Track subgrade dewatering systems, the overhead tram feeding system and other elements of the infrastructure within the track subgrade were redeveloped as well.

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