15 March 2022

President of NDI and the NDI Group once again with Builder Awards!

We are pleased to tell you some good news. We are among the winners of the 19th edition of the Builder Awards for 2021. The President of the Management Board of NDI SA, Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska, was awarded in the category of Industry Personality, while the NDI SA Group, as the General Contractor, was awarded in the category of Construction Company of the Year.


The Jury and Editorial Board of the Builder magazine treats the distinction as a confirmation of achievements and appreciation of market position. The awards are also a recommendation of Builder and an appreciation of the use of good practices and business relations.


“Distinguished entrepreneurs, managers, architects, and scientists show the paths of development; they are an impulse for action. They have a strong and positive impact not only on the represented companies, organisations, universities, and institutions, but also on the entire industry, regardless of adversities or unfavourable circumstances.”


“Industry Personality” is a special distinction awarded to heads of companies – for effective management, successful capacity building, entrepreneurship, business intuition and supporting initiatives important for the development of the industry.

In turn, the certificate “Construction Company of the Year” means dynamic development, as well as achievements in a given year, which distinguishes the company from the industry and against competitors. In addition, the statuettes of “Polish Hercules” and “Builder Laurels” are also awarded.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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