24 May 2023

New area of work for NDI Energy – two sewage treatment plants are under construction in Stary Wiązów and Sośnie

Work in Stary Wiązów started at the beginning of the year and the progress of the work is currently around 15%. So far, among other things, the preparation of the land for the project and the dismantling of the power line have been carried out. The investment, valued at more than PLN 15.3 million, is being carried out by NDI Energy.

The works in Stary Wiązów have been divided into two stages. In the first stage, the reconstruction and expansion of the sewage and sludge line are planned, and the second stage will involve the construction of a technical building, sludge tanks and a lime silo and the reconstruction of a social building.

An equalisation tank has been constructed at the sewage treatment plant. Work on the construction of the SBR reactors is underway – the bottom slabs are ready, and reinforcement and formwork for the tank walls are being carried out. The networks between the objects, screen grit chambers, a sludge dewatering system and a canopy for blowers will soon be completed.

The works carried out do not interfere with the daily tasks carried out at the sewage treatment plant – they ensure continuous operation, which is very important for the Ordering Party. At the end of the project, the modernisation of the existing facilities as well as the installation works in the area of automation and facility control are planned.

The investment in Stary Wiązów will improve the sewage treatment process, influence the expansion possibilities of the sewer system and the attractiveness of the region in terms of connecting customers to a green sewage collection system. All works are expected to be completed later this year.

The expansion and reconstruction of the sewage treatment plant in Stary Wiązów is the second investment from this sector for NDI Energy. At the end of 2023, the sewage treatment plant facility in the Sośnie municipality will be completed, where the interiors of the technical buildings are currently being finished. Plastering, flooring and installation works are underway. The first deliveries and assemblies of process equipment mountings are beginning, which will then be installed on the plant site. A service reservoir was also constructed, where pressure tests were carried out, similarly as for the finished secondary settling tanks and the reactor. The assembly of the sludge dewatering tank will soon be completed. All equipment will be connected to control systems, allowing a maximum of 850 m3 of sewage to be processed per day.

Modern sewage treatment plants allow the sewage treatment process to be carried out more efficiently and the collection of sewage to be increased. NDI Energy supports these actions and actively participates in projects concerning environmental protection, renewable energy sources and systems that have an impact on climate protection.

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