The purpose of this investment is primarily to improve safety on DK22, as well as to adjust its parameters to the GP technical class required for a national road, which in turn is to contribute to shortening the time and ensuring appropriate travel conditions. Importantly, everything has to be done taking into account the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. Widening the roadway, strengthening the pavement structure, correcting horizontal curves and transverse slopes are only few works that have to be performed. Intersections with secondary roads as well as culverts, exits and bus bays should also be reconstructed. There will be new sidewalks and bicycle paths. The general contractor is also responsible, inter alia, for ensuring proper road drainage, construction or reconstruction of colliding underground utilities, as well as greenery development, installation of protective barriers and railings, construction of acoustic screens, retention and evaporation ponds, places for rest and recreation along the bicycle path. The extended section of the road is over 10 kilometres long – it stretches from Królewo Malborskie to the border of the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian provinces. The cost of the investment is over PLN 175.6 million.
2022-2024 Project's Execution 2022-2024
NDI i NDI Sopot General Contractor NDI i NDI Sopot