13 August 2019

Last touches on Railway Line 210

An unusual train could be seen in recent weeks on the tracks between Szczecinek and Drawsko Pomorskie. A high-performance rail grinder entered the section renovated by NDI. Its work means that the end of revitalisation of the section of line 210, running from Szczecinek to Runowo Pomorskie, is approaching.

The SPENO rail grinder is equipped with 40 grinding stones and works at a capacity of 1500 metres per hour, removing 0.3 mm of material from the rail head. It also has an integrated measuring system that allows ongoing control of grinding.

‘The purpose of the work is to remove metallurgical defects and prevent the formation of other hidden rail defects,’ says Cezary Chruściński, Railway Construction Manager at the NDI Group. With grinding, we also give the rail head a proper inclination. It also allows us to remove corrugations that cause higher noise levels of trains. Thus, it is a process that improves the comfort of passengers and residents of houses located in the vicinity of the tracks.’

The project “Revitalisation of railway line No. 210 on the Szczecinek – Runowo Pomorskie section” was implemented in the design-build system, and financed from the funds of the Regional Operational Programme of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The EU co-financing amounts to 85 percent. New platforms at the Czaplinek station and 10 stops, among others, in Suliszewo Drawskie and Żelisław, have been constructed as a part of the project. Thanks to the investment, double track traffic will be restored on the 25 km section between Szczecinek and Łubowo, 33 engineering structures have also been revitalised. After the completion of works, passenger trains will travel at speeds up to 120 km/h, that is up to 40 km/h faster than before the project. Modernisation of traffic control devices and works at 54 level crossing will increase the level of safety. Travel time at the Szczecinek – Runowo Pomorskie section will be reduced from 1h 30 minutes to about one hour.

This interesting project, located in the picturesque surroundings of the Drawskie Lake District, is expected to be completed timely. As Cezary Chruściński emphasises, ‘Good cooperation with the Management of the Investor, i.e. PKP PLK S.A. and the Project Engineer, ECM, with whom we quickly and substantively solved problems arising on the construction site, was of key importance’.

PKP PLK S.A. has also prepared the second stage of the investment, the implementation of which will allow to fully utilise the potential of the work already completed and improve the comfort of traveling for passengers.

For the second stage, after an electronic auction, the bid of NDI obtained the highest number of points. The value of the submitted bid is over PLN 51 million gross.

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