8 August 2019

Extensive work at the Kościuszki and Haller pools

The completion of the construction of two swimming pools carried out by NDI for the City of Katowice is fast approaching. The first of them is built in the Brynów District in Katowice, in Kościuszki St., and the other one in the Szopienice District in Katowice, in Hallera St. The contractor has achieved four of the assumed “milestones” setting the key points of this investment.

‘The swimming pools in Katowice are taking shape. I am glad that the construction works in Brynów and Burowiec are expected to be completed this year,’ says Mayor of Katowice Marcin Krupa. ‘Afterwards, there is the stage of acceptance procedures and commissioning of the equipment – so that at the beginning of next year we can make these facilities available to residents. I want whole families to be able to spend their free time actively. Therefore, the designs of each pool provide for, among other things: a 6-lane sports pool with dimensions of 25×16 m, a teaching pool, a paddling pool for children equipped with attractions, the spectator seating, a slide, wellness rooms, a gym, full-size sports halls, and saunas. I also decided on a preferential price for the residents of Katowice, who will pay half of the price for a ticket – PLN 8 for a full-price ticket and PLN 4 for a half-price ticket.’

Masonry works have already been completed in both pools and aluminium-glass facades have been installed in the buildings. Works on the installation of roofing layers as well as assembly of plumbing, heating and ventilation systems in the pool basement and on the ground floor are near completion. Works on networks outside the buildings will also be soon completed. Installation of ceramic coverings and the water treatment system in the pool basement is already underway. At the pool in Hallera St., slide elements have already been delivered and laminates for the outer slide have been fitted. The bottom of the pool is being filled for the installation of special sheets.

‘The material from which the pools are made is austenitic stainless steel, designated as 316L – according to AISI. This steel, due to its very good anti-corrosion properties, is a material intended for use in aggressive environments, such as swimming pools or sea water,’ says Project Director Arkadiusz Tuszkowski from NDI. ‘It is also worth mentioning the modern pool water treatment system, which consists mainly of vacuum filters, UV lamps and a system for producing sodium hypochlorite from kitchen salt using membrane electrolysis. These solutions ensure the highest water quality and low energy, water and chemical reagents consumption.’

The method of assembly of the pool involves two main stages of works. The first is the assembly of the walls of the pool with overflow shafts and bottom channels, which, after they are anchored and welded together, are tested for weld tightness. The overflow edge tolerance on the whole perimeter is +/- 2mm. The second stage is the welding of bottom sheets and the installation of complementary elements such as railings, nozzles, starting posts, turning boards, lane ropes, overflow grating, reflectors, etc. Pools of this type, due to their tightness and long-term reliability, ensure very high comfort of use for the pool operator.

Other works performed include works outside the building related to road and car park trenching and fence assembly. A retention tank for rainwater has already been made.

‘Further stages of work related to the construction of roads and car parks around the swimming pool in Hallera St. are ahead of us,’ adds Arkadiusz Tuszkowski. ‘We will also continue work inside the building related to ceramic coverings, i.a. in the pool hall. We are also finishing plastering, works related to the roof, ventilation and plumbing systems.’


Pools in numbers (for each pool)

  • usable area – 4,675.73 m2
  • development area – 2,989.55 m2
  • water surface area – 657.30 m2
  • volume of the gymnasium – 4,564.00 m3
  • volume of the entire building – 31,379.0 m3
  • max clear height of the pool hall – 9.3 m
  • 25*16 m sports pool (6 lanes)
  • leisure pool
  • slide with a length of 80m
  • sports hall (gymnasium)
  • saunas


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