29 September 2017

Workcamp 2017 Project – summary

Workcamp 2017 Project is the fourth edition of this event, and this year it was carried out by the Young Stuff of the Warsaw PZITB branch. Students of three Warsaw universities participated in the project: Warsaw University of Technology, Military Technical Academy and SGGW.

This year, students helped at the Crisis Intervention Centre “Karan”. It is a centre for minors addicted to psychoactive drugs. The kitchen was closed by the sanitary services (Sanepid) for more than a year. Therefore, they had to use catering services, which was a significant financial burden for the centre.

Under this year’s program, the kitchen was renovated and the works performed by the students included, among others:
• placing tiles on the total surface area of more than 200 m2
• painting kitchen surfaces with an area of more than 100 m2
• installing a partition wall
• replacing windows and doors.

The project was successfully completed on July 28.

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