30 November 2012

We have completed modernisation of the railway line in Mazovia

On 30 November, i.e. on time, we completed the project consisting in modernisation of the LK 29 railway line from Tłuszcz to Ostrołęka. The value of the contract performed under the ‘design and build’ formula was PLN 14.5 million. Today, the speed of the train traffic on the line has risen to V=100 km/h along the Tłuszcz – Wyszków section, and V=120 km/h along the Wyszków – Ostrołęka section. The upgrading of the automatic light signalling system from category D to category C has improved safety at crossings.

The project (stage I) involved the following works alongside the development of the necessary design documentation and obtaining the administrative decisions, expert opinions, consents, and approvals:

– Construction works to the set track parameters,
– Railroad surface (e.g. new rails, sleepers, aggregate ballast),
– Civil engineering structures (e.g. repairs of bridges and culverts, including surface replacements),
– Repairs of the railway crossings, including their appurtenances,
– Repair of the station platform and erection of the sheltering roof,
– Accompanying installations,
– As-built inventory and land-survey documentation.

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