4 June 2020

Track reconstruction in the centre of Częstochowa during summer holidays

In one month, the reconstruction of the most difficult section of tram tracks in Częstochowa will commence. This part – from Adama Mickiewicza Roundabout to Aleja Jana Pawła II runs through the city centre and will be a logistic challenge. Interestingly, the section from the junction with Jasnogórska Street to Adama Mickiewicza Roundabout will be made in the technology of the so-called green track, the first of its kind in the city. The contractor of works – a consortium whose leader is NDI based in Sopot, has already completed and opened to traffic two sections of the tracks under reconstruction: the so-called fifth section with a loop in the south of Częstochowa, and the fourth section at the exit of the MPK depot.


In Częstochowa, the almost 14-kilometre-long section from Fieldorfa-Nila to the loop at Aleja Pokoju is being modernised. NDI carries out works for Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne (Municipal Transport Company). The investment is implemented on the track system in its existing condition, divided into sections, i.e.: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 6. It covers the replacement of old track elements with new ones, but it also involves the reconstruction of the linear tram infrastructure together with the overhead line system, control, wiring of the tram line, road (car) crossings and streetscaping.

‘We are currently carrying out track works at the Kiedrzyńska Loop, consisting of demolition of the existing track and construction of a new track structure. In the meantime, we are making foundations for overhead line poles,’ says Łukasz Susło, Project Director from NDI. ‘We have already completed and opened to passengers the section with the loop in the south of Częstochowa and the fourth section at the exit of the MPK depot. In the south of Częstochowa we are implementing two sections, the so-called first section with the loop in Fieldorfa and the second section from Aleja Jana Pawła II to Kiedrzyńska Street.’

The contract is carried out in the design-build system. Some sections are divided into sub-sections, for which the contractor must obtain separate administrative decisions allowing for the implementation of works. Track works were preceded by works related to the reconstruction of the underground infrastructure, which clashed with the investment. To work in the very centre of the city has been and continues to be a challenge, so as to limit disturbance to residents of Częstochowa as much as possible.

‘NDI and its subcontractors are carrying out gigantic works in the city, undertaking, in fact, the construction of a new tram line in the old track between the south and north of the city,’ says Maciej Hasik, spokesman for MPK Częstochowa. ‘Thanks to this, it is possible to use the processing capacity of another company implementing the contract as a part of this task – PESA based in Bydgoszcz. Thanks to what NDI will build and what PESA will produce, i.e. ten new TWIST trams will be able to ride on tracks in Częstochowa and carry its residents. There is a chance that when this largest tram contract in the history of the city is completed, the tram will cease to be just an urban element and become a fashionable, safe, comfortable means of transport and that residents of Częstochowa will love it again.’

Value of the Agreement: PLN 94,095,591.97 net, PLN 115,737,578.14 gross.

Date of signing the agreement: May 29, 2018
Planned date of completion of works: January 31, 2021
The project is implemented as a part of the “Lepsza Komunikacja w Częstochowie” (en. “Better Communication in Częstochowa”) programme

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