1 August 2023

The Przemysłowe Quay at the Port of Gdańsk is getting more and more modern!

The reconstruction of the Przemysłowe Quay area in the Port of Gdańsk is underway. NDI Group, the general contractor for the project, has already completed about 90% of the planned road works. Track works are also advanced, thanks to which the first sections of the track superstructure have been opened to goods train traffic. What remains to be done and how is the work progressing?

The scope of the investment in the Port of Gdańsk includes, among others, the reconstruction of the railway and road system between the Przemysłowy Quay and Ku Ujściu Street and between Chemików Street and the ferry crossing abutment in Bosmańska Street through the Kaszubski Canal. The upgraded and new roads will be about 1.6 kilometres long, and tracks about 6 kilometres long.

“Our works are already at an advanced stage. Tracks 137, 141, 142, 143, 145, 146 as well as tracks 309 and 310 have been put into service. We have also started phase II works. We are replacing the soil and making a ballastless track superstructure,” says Maciej Szymański, Project Director from the NDI Group, the general contractor for this task.




Road works nearing completion

There is also a lot going on with the road works. They are now about 90% complete.

“An interesting feature of this construction is that all the road surfaces are being built using cement concrete technology. As a result, the work is being carried out in a technological regime, and individual sections can be opened to traffic only a month after their completion,” says the Project Director from the NDI Group. As he explains, a significant part of the road surface runs through the designed balastless track system. The tracks were suspended by means of specially adapted steel gates, and a 28-centimetre-thick reinforced concrete slab was laid under the rails.

“A dispersed fibre-reinforced cement concrete surface was laid on the track thus prepared. Ultimately, this arrangement allows both rail and wheeled vehicles to move through the area,” adds Maciej Szymański.


Night work

Another challenge for the general contractor is logistics. The work must be planned so as not to interfere with the ongoing transhipment operations at the quay and railway siding. This requires work staging and often three shifts.

As part of the investment, water, sewerage, electricity, and telecommunications networks are also upgraded. A storm water drainage network and street lighting will be installed. A new perimeter fence and two watchtowers will be constructed.

The reconstruction of the road-rail system of the Przemysłowe Quay in the Port of Gdańsk will last until September 2023. The investment will significantly improve communication in the area of the Port of Gdańsk Przemysłowe Quay, enhance transshipment and enable the use of new areas for transshipment. This is yet another investment by the Port of Gdańsk that will raise the standard of cargo handling and thus contribute to increasing its competitiveness and strengthening its position in the Baltic Sea.

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