16 January 2013

The NDI S.A. – Balzola Consortium selected to pursue the next stage in the Katowice Centre redevelopment project

The City Hall of Katowice selected the tender from the Consortium of NDI S.A. and Construcciones y Promociones Balzola Sociedad Anonima in the public contract award procedure for phase II in the redevelopment of the Katowice City Centre in the area of Rondo-Rynek [Roundabout-Market].

The price that was the only criterion amounts to PLN 85,744,101.49 gross. There were four tenderers taking part in the contract award procedure. The selection of the NDI SA – Balzola Consortium is not liable to exclusion, and their tender meeting all ToR requirements has been selected as most advantageous. The works will take 18 months to complete as of the date the contract is signed.

The investment project will involve redevelopment of the road system, public squares, and technical infrastructure, plus preparation of the design documentation for the road linking Piotra Skargi and Mickiewicza Streets and running at the DH Ślązak Mall, and its redevelopment.

The scope of the roadworks will embrace:

– redevelopment of Korfantego Alley, from Ziętek Roundabout to Moniuszki Street,
– construction of Śródmiejska Street along the Super-Unit, with slip roads to Korfantego Alley,
– construction of a mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic road between Korfantego Alley and Śródmiejska Street,
– redevelopment of Moniuszki Street, from its crossing with Korfantego Alley to the crossing with Uniwersytecka Street,
– construction of Moniuszki Street, in the section from the outlets into Mickiewicza and Skargi Streets to Korfantego Alley,
– redevelopment of Pocztowa and Młyńska Streets,
– redevelopment of the outlet sections of the streets merging into the Market: Teatralna, Warszawska, Mickiewicza, and Skargi,
– liquidation of Skośna Street.

Redevelopment will further cover the Rawa River, with a new section of the river bed build and road bridges erected in the course of Moniuszki and Śródmiejska Streets.

Moreover, the following will be performed:

– demolition works above the ground and under the ground on buildings, elements of street architecture, the tram tracks, the existing pavements, and elements of the technical infrastructure,
– works connected with the development of public spaces – laying new pavements, erecting buildings and underground networks, planting, erection of tram sheds, elements of street infrastructure, and fountains,
– laying and redevelopment of the technical infrastructure, to name e.g. the redevelopment of the power transmission lines, erection of the new street and square lighting network, redevelopment of the central heating pipelines, water mains, and gas lines.

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