9 June 2023

The Marina in Puck will open in July – three months ahead of schedule!

The construction of part of the northern breakwater and a 180-metre-long fixed connection pier with three floating platforms for yachts are just some of the works that make up NDI’s investment in Puck. Thanks to good organisation, the Marina will open three months ahead of schedule.

The scope of work consisted mainly of the construction of elements of the hydraulic engineering structure, including the closure quay, access pier and northern breakwater, followed by the supply and installation of floating platforms for anchoring vessels.

“One of the most challenging aspects of the work was the driving of the sheet piling and the construction of the northern breakwater, as the work was carried out at sea and we were exposed to the weather,” says Paweł Ciomek, Project Director at NDI Group.

“Another challenge we faced in carrying out the work was coordinating the work of different trades in a relatively small area in a tourist destination. It was necessary to adjust the work schedule for material deliveries and tourist traffic, which meant reducing transport during the summer period and carrying out the main riprap and dredging work during the winter period,” adds Hubert Konkol, Manager of Hydraulic Engineering Works.

The hydraulic engineering works consist mainly of the driving of the sheet piling that forms the basis of the pier and breakwater structure, the construction of the reinforced concrete superstructure and a stone riprap and dredging. The final touches remain to be done. The cobblestones are currently being laid. The water system is also being installed.

“The work went smoothly. Everyone was well prepared. We have, of course, encountered various difficulties, including logistical and price-related problems. We also tried to meet the contracting authority’s expectations and adapt the work schedule to the tourist traffic. Despite this, we managed to stay three months ahead of schedule and are planning to launch the project as early as July,” said Paweł Ciomek, Project Director at NDI Group.

“The project of the extension of the Marina in Puck has been consulted by the municipal authorities since 2015. – We have waited for 6.5 years for the groundbreaking ceremony. We tried our best to get all the necessary permits for the extension. We knew what it could bring to our town and that motivated us,” says Hanna Pruchniewska, Mayor of Puck. “We know that we have a huge potential, the fantastic Bay of Puck, which should be used. We also found a contractor with a very solid approach to the work. I think we work very well together. We want the Port to be used primarily for recreation and, of course, for fishing. Puck has always been open to the bay. This will be a great economic boost for us,” adds Hanna Pruchniewska, Mayor of Puck.

The piers are equipped with power and water supply pedestals, rescue equipment stands, ladders and mooring cleats. Up to 98 new berths have been built for the yachts and the white fleet. Almost 84% of the eligible costs were covered by the European Regional Development Fund.


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