18 August 2021

The contract for the construction of the NIO car park has been signed

NDI will implement the first stage of expansion and modernisation of Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology (NIO) at the National Research Institute in Warsaw. It is the largest oncology hospital in Poland, admitting over 80,000 patients every year and providing over 370,000 outpatient consultations. A contract in this regard was signed on Tuesday, August 17.

The project covers the construction of a multi-storey car park, as well as the development of greenery with street furniture. Also exits from the car park to internal streets are to be constructed and the conflicts with the existing infrastructure are to be removed. This is an important investment – thanks to it, patients and visitors to the hospital at 5 Roentgena Street will have nearly 600 parking spaces at their disposal.

“It is yet another project of such a building that we implement. In January, we signed a contract for the construction of a car park for the National Research Institute of Oncology in Gliwice. The open car park that will be built in Warsaw will be a free-standing building with six floors. It will be of a quadrangle shape with dimensions of 93.6 x 33.58 m. The surface area of the planned development is 3,149.34 m², and the total area is 18,864.32 m². There will be 587 parking spaces in the new car park,” says Ryszard Trykosko, Vice President, Director of the Implementation Department at NDI.

The object will consist of one compact rectangular solid. The car park will be overground, six-storey, without a basement. Each floor will house parking spaces. The maximum height of the main body is 18.10 metres.

“The facility was designed in a construction module of 810 cm by 1615 cm column grid. Prefabricated reinforced concrete structure with prefabricated prestressed ceilings. The roof level of the main car park will be used as a parking space, explains Marcin Hołdyński, Project Director at NDI. Access to the car park will be possible through the entrance gate, located on the ground floor of the western part of the building. Exit will be possible through the exit gate on the ground floor in the eastern exterior wall. The southern exterior wall is designed as enclosed to provide sound insulation for the Oncology buildings located on this side. The remaining walls will be open to allow natural ventilation.

Cars will move between the storeys by means of two heated reinforced concrete ramps. Pedestrians will use two staircases and two elevators.

The cost of the investment is PLN 28,959,243.01 gross.

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