20 June 2022

The communication effect of the reconstruction in Giszowiec has been achieved

Today, the communication effect for the reconstruction of the road junction in Giszowiec has been achieved, i.e., drivers have two lanes at their disposal in each direction of travel on Pszczyńska street, an exit from the A4 motorway towards Tychy has been opened and traffic has been restored at the Kolista junction, with the exception of the passage from the Giszowiec estate to the estate at Kolista street.

Last weekend, the contractor launched two lanes in each direction of travel on Pszczyńska street, which made it possible to restore the previously closed A4 motorway exit. At the moment, we have started the last stage of works, which consists in completing the works on the section of 73 Pułku Piechoty Street. It also includes reconstruction and cleaning works. Construction works under this investment are to end at the end of the summer holidays. However, drivers already have key roads at their disposal, and thus the communication effect of this reconstruction has been achieved.

“I would like to thank the residents for their patience with this investment. This is a huge undertaking, since the works took place on a route that is used by over 58,000 vehicles every day. A collision-free junction of two national roads – DK81 and DK86 – has been created, and transit traffic will be separated from the local one, which will improve the safety and comfort of life of the residents,” says Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice.

Reconstruction of the road system in Giszowiec has been the most important road investment in Katowice for 13 years, i.e., since the construction of the tunnel under the  Rondo Generała Jerzego Ziętka roundabout. The cost of construction works is over PLN 300 million, of which nearly PLN 240 million is co-financed under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2014-2020. The total length of the extended and reconstructed sections of DK81 and DK86 is 3.62 km.

We have built four new roadways of the National Road 86. Two roadways towards Tychy, two towards the city centre with new flyover and pedestrian underpasses. It has been rebuilt over a length of 2.5 kilometres. We also reconstructed the second National Road, on the 1,100-metre-long distance, with an effect of a dual carriageway section,” says Adam Owsiany, Project Director at NDI.

New roads are available to drivers

The eastern road of the DK 86 has been made available to drivers. This enables the opening of two lanes – one lane on local distributor road and one lane on main roads – both towards Tychy and the center of Katowice. Although the traffic on the remaining lanes will be made available to users at a later date, the introduced change improves the smoothness and comfort of driving on this section.

Another change concerns the Kolista junction, which from April 20 was temporarily closed in both directions. As previously announced, the traffic at the Kolista junction has been restored. Thus, we have an open direct connection of the Giszowiec estate with DK 86 again. Only a fragment of the Kolista junction is not accessible, through which you can get from the Giszowiec estate to the estate at Kolista Street. This short section is scheduled to open by July 20.

The completed stage of reconstruction makes it easier for drivers traveling towards Tychy. In addition to the possibility of moving along two lanes of DK 86, traffic was also resumed at the motorway junction from Wrocław to Tychy, enabling direct exit from the motorway at the height of the Valley of Three Ponds on DK86, without the need to take a detour.


The progress of works

From today, the contractor will focus on the last road works on the local road system, i.e., a part of Kolista street and 73 Pułku Piechoty street and on finishing works leading to the provision of all lanes and achievement of the target traffic organization and full capacity. According to the schedule, construction works under the investment should be completed by August 31. Then, acceptance procedures will commence.

“Navigating the road system in Giszowiec will now be much more comfortable; even though we do not provide the entire section of DK86 yet. The last basic and finishing works are ahead of us, followed by the procedure related to the acceptance of the investment. These activities, however, should not cause significant inconvenience to drivers,” says Agnieszka Dutkiewicz, Deputy Director for the Construction of Technical Infrastructure at Katowickie Inwestycje S.A.  “Of course, as with any changes in the traffic organization, we ask drivers to be careful and pay attention to the marking. It is also worth remembering about the dedicated website www.dk86.pl, which contains all information about the investment,” adds the Director.

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