23 April 2024

Rezydencja Merwede and Jagiellońska 13 seaside investments in Gdańsk are ready!

Final inspections are nearing completion for Jagiellońska 13, located right next to Reagan Park, and Rezydencja Merwede, which is being built on the first line of the seafront. The seaside apartments will soon be handed over to their new owners. The construction of both projects has involved many challenges.

The investor for both projects is NDI Development, while companies from the NDI Group are the general contractor. The tasks were not easy. The construction of Rezydencja Merwede right on the beach meant dealing with a particularly high groundwater level. At Jagiellońska 13, on the other hand, the logistics of the work were important, as the site and facilities were not large and the deadlines were tight. In both cases, the general contractor fulfilled its role and is now coordinating the final finishing works.

Test of strength with the sea

Construction of the Rezydencja Merwede in Gdańsk Brzeźno began in February 2022. Prior to the erection of the building, work began on the construction of a diaphragm wall and an anti-filtration membrane, which will ensure a permanent barrier with low water permeability, especially for groundwater. Rezydencja Merwede is located directly on the coast, which is a great advantage but also a great challenge for the construction team.

“The first few months of construction at Rezydencja Merwede were a test of strength for us. The high groundwater level meant that we had to be prepared to make an airtight trench enclosure so that the whole project could be completed safely. It is worth noting that the building has a two-storey underground car park,” says Bartosz Krasiński, Project Director at NDI Group. “We worked to ensure that the investment would not cause any inconvenience to residents, owners of other premises and tourists, who are always present here due to the location of the project. We also ensured the safe delivery of construction materials and the timely completion of the project,” says Bartosz Krasiński, NDI Group Project Director.


The natural beauty of amber

Outside the building, vegetation planting, works related to the access to the building and cleaning are still in progress. Any moment now, the owners of the seaside apartments will take possession of premises with a high standard of interior finish and original visual solutions in the communal areas. These include unique amber decorative panels. One of these, located in the reception area, weighs 120 kilograms. A total of 15 kilograms of amber of various fractions – from fine grains to large jewellery quality decorative stones – were used to create the whole. The modern technique of epoxy relief allowed for the creation of unique amber decorations, making each panel different. The person responsible for their implementation is Monika Błaszkowska from Migaloo home.


“Biophilic design”

Another project that stands out for its attention to detail and unique design is Jagiellońska 13, built next to the Ronald Reagan Park by the sea, near the beach in Gdańsk Przymorze. The project was created in the spirit of “biophilic design,” which is why both the interiors and the green patio feature vegetation, natural materials, fabrics and colours. “The project has been built to a premium standard. We have used high quality materials in the construction and are very pleased with the results of our work. We have now received the occupancy permit and are in the process of handing over to the investor,” says Patryk Gański, NDI Group Works Manager.

One of the biggest challenges in the construction of Jagiellońska 13 was the time for completion. The whole project took 25 months, of which the first six months were spent on geotechnical and demolition work.

It took about 12 months to complete the shell. We started the finishing work in winter, which also made it difficult to keep to the tight schedule. We succeeded thanks to the good coordination of the whole team,” says Maciej Jaskot, NDI Group Works Manager.

Jagiellońska 13 consists of 13 above-ground floors and two underground floors. It has unique communal areas, including a playroom, club room, coffee corner, conference room and co-working space.


Unique seaside location

“As an investor, we are proud of both the luxurious Rezydencja Merwede and the prestigious Jagiellońska 13. Certainly, the greatest value of both projects is their location, i.e. proximity to the sea, greenery and necessary infrastructure. However, it was very important to us that the investments should also stand out for their quality and originality. I am pleased that, together with our general contractor, we have been able to achieve this. Our clients have appreciated this, as we now have only the last apartments left for sale,” says Bartłomiej Oset, Vice President of NDI Development.

More information about the investment projects is available at www.merwede.com, jagiellonska.com.pl and ndi.pl.

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