13 June 2022

Revitalisation of the building and reconstruction of two towers at 2 Augustyńskiego Street complete!

The building of the Marshal’s Office, located at 2 Augustyńskiego Street has a new look. All thanks to the revitalisation undertaken by NDI.

As part of the project, comprehensive conservation works were carried out within all facades. It involved, among others, repairing and restoring the original condition of the facade of the face bricks, resulting in the building looking great today. In addition, insulation, flashing and reinforcement of the existing ceilings were also made.

In addition, two corner towers destroyed during World War II and two ornamental turrets crowning the avant-corps of the main entrance to the building were rebuilt.
Additionally, construction and finishing works were carried out in the newly constructed rooms as well as air-conditioning and ventilation, internal sanitary, electrical and teletechnical installations.

But this is not all. The General Contractor was also obliged to develop the land adjacent to the building of the Marshal’s Office. Therefore, the pavement of the inner yard was made along with the reconstruction of the underground network and the drainage of surface waters. The lighting of the area and the illumination of the facility were also taken care of. Bicycle shelters were also created and new dumpsters appeared.

The contract value is over PLN 5.345 million net.

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