24 May 2023

Reconstruction of the DK-91 is underway. Asphalt pavement laying has begun.

Reconstruction of Wojska Polskiego Avenue (DK-91) in Częstochowa is going according to plan. The reconstruction of the water pipeline networks, gas pipelines and the clashing electrical infrastructure will soon be completed. The construction of a road lighting system and the construction of a service duct are already underway.

Bituminous layers are being laid on the northern section. Groundworks are being carried out for excavation and embankment construction on slip roads. On the southern section, the upper and lower layers of the road structure on both roadways are being worked on.

“A storm water drainage system is being constructed and the progress of this work is already at 80%. Works are also nearing completion on the reconstruction of the water pipelines, most of which are already reconnected to the newly designed system. We are also reconstructing gas networks. We have already completed 98% of the expected work on the new gas pipeline, the longest on this construction site. We have also completed the reconstruction of heat pipeline. We are currently waiting for the heating season to end in order to carry out the reconnection,” says Tomasz Kawalec, site manager from NDI Group.

90% of the sites of electrical clashes and 100% of the sites of telecommunication clashes were reconstructed. A system of new road lighting is being constructed. A service duct is being constructed along the reconstructed DK1 . All abutments and supports have now been completed on the engineering structures along Wojska Polskiego Avenue. T-type superstructure beams have been laid on M1 and K1 structures in the Krakowska-Rejtana junction area. Reinforcing and concreting of the first superstructures has begun. The ground strengthening and reinforcement of the bottom slab of the newly constructed PP3 subway has begun. We have recently concreted the superstructure slab of the left carriageway of the WD4 structure.

The works planned for the coming weeks are mainly the continuation of road works, which will consist of the construction of embankments and road construction layers. It was also planned to continue laying bituminous layers on the southern section, kerbs and constructing pavements.

Reconstruction of Wojska Polskiego Avenue (DK-91) is intended to serve communication with the northern junction of the A1 motorway and allow for a conflict-free north-south passage through almost the entire city. The subject of the contract is the comprehensive execution of construction and assembly works related to the reconstruction of the national road No. 91 along with the accompanying infrastructure, including the construction of two new, two-level crossings, a new flyover in the Raków district and footbridges for pedestrian and bicycle traffic over the route.

The investor is the City Roads Authority in Częstochowa. The investment is worth over PLN 359 million and the expected date of completion is the second half of 2023.

Materials of the City Roads Authority in Częstochowa


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