Public swimming pool

Katowice Szopienice 


NDI is building a town pool in Katowice, at the intersection of Hallera and Konna streets. It is a one-storey building with a basement, pool area and gym. • Foyer – from the foyer, you can access a shop with a coffee point, entrance to the locker room part for both the pool and the gym, as well as the passage to the swimming pool spectator seating. In addition, there is the outerwear cloakroom and general sanitary facilities, including those for people with disabilities, ticket offices and administrative facilities of the object. Access to the spectator seating is provided between the sports and swimming pool part. Emergency exits from the spectator seating are provided directly outside the building. • Pool section – in the part of the entrance pavilion, there is a locker room and sanitary complex for the swimming pool. The project provides for a mixed locker room – 240 lockers with a set of 20 changing rooms. Behind the changing rooms and the locker room are men’s and women’s sanitary complexes also intended for people with disabilities. • A sports pool with dimensions of 25x16m (6-lane) and a leisure and swimming pool for teaching how to swim with a separate place for leisure (neck massage, wall massage, water-air massage, air geyser, water mushroom, air benches, jacuzzi, paddling pool for children, landing pool for the slide). There will be spectator seating for 115 people by the pool, a tower enabling reaching a height of over 8 m, a slide with a length of 80 m, running partly outside and partly inside the facility. In the swimming pool part, there is also a sauna complex (Turkish sauna, two Finnish saunas, rest room, cooling barrel). • Sports section – in the entrance pavilion section, the “dry” sports section of the facility is located, i.e.: a gym, fitness room and sports hall. The entire sports area has its own reception /customer service point with a waiting room. • Technical facilities – the construction of a partial basement of the facility, allowing access to all pools, which is necessary for technological reasons, as well as additional fan rooms located under the gym is planned. In addition, it is planned to locate in the basement such rooms as: swimming pool chemicals storage, central heating node, electrical rooms, and, in the bypass of the pools, water treatment plants with filters, pumps and expansion tanks. Access to the basement level is planned both directly from the outside of the building as well as from the staircase of the slide tower – closed to the pool customers.
NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
UM Katowice Investor UM Katowice
2017-2019 Project's execution 2017-2019
PLN 24.1 million gross Project value PLN 24.1 million gross
31379 cubic meters
total volume of the building
14884 cubic meters
total voulume of the swimming pool hall
657 square meters
surface of water mirror
2989 square meters
building area
4638 square meters
usable area