25 January 2018

President Jerzy Gajewski – Polish Hercules of 2017

The President of NDI SA, Jerzy Gajweski, has been awarded with the title of Polish Hercules 2017 by the editors

and Board of the monthly magazine Builder.

President Gajweski received a special award, golden statuette, for outstanding achievements in the development of the company, its strong position on the Polish construction market, investment successes and the highest quality of services. For taking business challenges, including the implementation of PPP projects.

In the justification, the editors of Builder said:

Taking into account outstanding achievements in the development of the company and modern construction industry in Poland, as well as a unique career attitude during 46 years of activity, the editors and Board of “Builder” have decided to give the only golden statuette in this edition to Jerzy Gajewski, the President of NDI Management Board, the precursor of PPP in Poland, and a significant figure in the Polish construction industry.

Our winner graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology. In the years 1977-90, he gained experience in Iraq and Kuwait, among others by providing assistance and monitoring in investment projects. In 1990, he founded a development and implementation company named NDI SA. He was an advisor to, among others, the President of Gdańsk, Polish State Railways, Porty Lotnicze SA and the Ministry of Land and Housing in the government of Hanna Suchocka. Won many different awards, among others “Construction Employer of 2008” and “The Best Constructor in Pomerania”.

Jerzy Gajewski is also a co-organizer of the European Financial Congress – a discussion panel held in Sopot, concerning the operation of banks and other financial institutions, as well as the development of economy.

The award was given on 23 January, during the Builder Awards Final Gala at Multikino Złote Tarasy.

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