30 August 2021

NDI wybuduje centrum przesiadkowe w Zabrzu

NDI SA and NDI Sopot SA will build a transfer centre in Goethego Street. A facility with a usable area of approximately 10,400 sq m will be built there, which will house a local and long-distance bus station, multi-storey car park, waiting room and service points.

The station in the centre of the city of Zabrze is to be in the form of a three-storey building with a side length of 120 metres. On the ground floor, there will be parking spaces for buses and a lane for taxis and minibuses. A car park with 138 parking spaces, including ten parking spaces for the disabled, will be provided on the next two floors. The fourth storey – the so-called green roof with an observation deck – will be built over part of the facility.

Electric vehicle charging stations, Kiss&Ride zones and accompanying infrastructure (ticket vending machines, dynamic passenger information boards, and car park occupancy boards) will be built on the investment site.

The railway station in the centre of Zabrze, in Goethego Street, is to be completed by the end of April 2023.

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