30 July 2020

NDI with best offer in Szczecin

On July 29th, the Investor, i.e. Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście SA [Management Board of Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports SA], chose the offer of a consortium of NDI Sp. z o.o. and NDI Spółka Akcyjna to carry out the project “Improving access to ports in Szczecin in the area of the Dębicki channel”. The consortium from Sopot is therefore one step from another hydro-technical investment. As a consortium member, NDI is the main contractor of the shipping channel through the Vistula Spit.

The investment in Szczecin port includes: Reconstruction of the Czech and Slovak Quays, construction of new Norwegian and Danish Quays, construction of an excavation site, fortification of the bottom and dredging works (detailed description below). The offer of the consortium of NDI companies was the most advantageous in terms of price offered, i.e. PLN 343,098,742.72 gross. The term of completion of this contract is 30.09.2023.

 We are glad that our offer has been rated highest by the Investor. We hope that this choice will be crowned with a contract, which will be another major project for us in the hydro-technical industry. We are currently constructing a shipping channel through the Vistula Spit, followed by the construction of the T2 quay for the deep-water container terminal DCT in the port of Gdańsk. As a Polish company from the sea, we are particularly interested in the development of the hydro-technical industry and we try to prepare for the implementation of subsequent tasks in the best possible way through the development of staff and the purchase of specialized equipment for work in water – says NDI President Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska.

The investment in the Port of Szczecin will concern:

  1. Reconstruction of the Czech and Slovak Quays on a length of about 1000 m
    – Reconstruction of the quays consists in demolition of the old reinforced concrete structure and sheet piling wall and in its place of new protection in the form of a fireproof (steel pipe piles), execution of a new reinforced concrete structure, together with installation of all equipment of the quay (e.g. mooring bollards, bumpers, rescue ladders, etc.).

– Rebuilding of road-rail infrastructure: this includes demolition of old and construction of new railway tracks and access roads.

– Sanitary, teletechnical, electrical work within the quays.

  1. Construction of new Norwegian and Danish Quays– total length approx. 1080 mb

– The construction of the quays consists of driving a steel pipe wall – piles with a diameter of 1.6 m with a Z-type sheet piling wall), making a new reinforced concrete structure, together with the installation of quay equipment (e.g. bumper bollards, etc.).

  1. The construction of the excavated deposit field– consists in the construction of embankments (on the edge of the silting field and in the middle – in order to separate smaller quarters) filled with material from dredging works with a height of [3.30 m] and length of about 5 km. Such a construction of the dikes will allow the storage of the remaining material extracted from dredging robots in the middle of the field – about 1 million m3.
  2. The dredging works within the Dębicki Channel– consist in increasing the maximum technical depth from [10 m] to [12.50 m]. The amount of earth mass to be transported: 1.5 million m3. (800 thousand from the new quay and 700 thousand from other parts of the channel)
  3. Construction of the bottom reinforcement from the mattress– consists in laying a concrete mattress (synthetic material) and filling it with special concrete. The concrete mattress serves as an underwater protection of the quayside against the movement of the ship’s propellers – the propellers produce water movement which, through its speed, for example, can wash out the quayside, which can affect the stability of the entire quayside structure.


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