3 July 2018

NDI will modernize the road and railway network in the Port of Gdańsk

On 3 July of 2018, a contract was signed for the modernization of the road and railway network in the External Port in Gdańsk.

The project will involve changing, among others, the communication system in the External Port, including the following streets: Portowa, Poinca, Kontenerowa and Budowniczych Portu Półncocnego. The project will involve an additional tract to the DCT terminal, new tracks to coal terminals, as well as a modern rail traffic control system. In addition, it will involve the construction of a small buffer parking lot for trucks, the first in that part of the port.

The value of the contract is almost 176 million zlotys, of which 85% is a subsidy from the European Union under the CEF program (Connecting Europe Facility). The project will run until October 2020.

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