11 July 2017

NDI – the Prime Partner in the Workcamp project

The Workcamp project, MK PZITB Warszawa, is an initiative involving students of the construction faculties of three universities: Warsaw University of Technology, Military University of Technology, and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

The purpose of the project, held annually, is to provide charity assistance to non-profit institutions. This year’s issue will be held from 1 to 23 July and will be devoted to the renovation of the kitchen at the Crisis Intervention Centre in Warsaw, a facility for underage addicts, especially those addicted to psychoactive substances. The kitchen was closed by the ‘Sanepid’ Sanitary Inspection over a year ago and those who live are left to catering services, which is a huge financial burden to the Centre.

Under the Workcamp project, the students grouped in the PZiTB Youth Association perform construction and repair works with their own hands. Thanks to NDI’s support it was possible to purchase the building materials necessary to perform the task.

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