2 June 2015

NDI is launching works on luxury apartments, the Tre Mare Residence

NDI SA, builders from Sopot specialising in buildings and infrastructure, are launching another investment. The company is just launching construction works on the project of a luxury apartment complex – the Tre Mare Residence.

The project site lies on the border of Sopot and Gdańsk, a mere 200 metres off the beach. The compound will be made up of three cosy, 4-floor buildings with 63 apartments varying in size from 37 to 240 square metres.

The top floors of the Tre Mare Residence complex will accommodate e.g. spacious two-level penthouses ranging between 215 and 235 square metres in floor area, with open mezzanines and private terraces. Huge glazed surfaces of up to 18 square metres will certainly stand out as the hallmark of the Tre Mare apartments.

The Tre Mare Residence will also incorporate recreation and leisure facilities: fitness, a sauna complex, club room, and roof terraces with a view of the sea, open to all residents. The ground floor apartments, on the other hand, will open onto private gardens up to 150 square metres in size.

The design work was commissioned from the renowned MAT architectural studio, authors of such other designs as the Spa House in Sopot, or the Sheraton Hotel.

The compound is scheduled for completion and occupation in the first three months of 2017.


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