9 May 2024

NDI Group with a new contract!

The consortium consisting of NDI Energy Sp. z o.o. as the Consortium Leader and NDI S.A. and WUPRINŻ S.A. as Partners has signed a contract with the Kotla Municipal Office for the design, construction and modernisation of water and sewage infrastructure for the industrial zone in the Głogów and Kotla municipalities. The investment, worth almost PLN 140 million gross, will take 36 months to complete.

As part of the investment, the consortium will design and build water and sewage infrastructure in both municipalities. For the sewage part of the project, a wastewater treatment plant will be built in Kotla, which will operate using activated sludge technology and will be equipped with, among other things, a membrane plant. A number of facilities will be created on the premises of the treatment plant, such as sewage pumping stations, a retention reservoir, a mechanical sewage treatment hall and biological reactors. The consortium will also construct a sewage transmission system. More than 13 kilometres of pressure and gravitational pipelines will be laid.

For the water supply part, the water transmission network will be extended to the planned industrial zone in the Głogów municipality and between villages in the Kotla municipality. All this will allow the municipal network to operate as a ring system. Almost 16 kilometres of water pipelines will be built as part of the investment. Hydrogeological studies will be carried out at the facilities. On the basis of these, new underground water intakes will be built in the villages of Kotla and Chociemyśl, together with the infrastructure for supplying water to the treatment station to be designed and built in Chociemyśl.

The planned station, with a capacity of 163 m3/h with the possibility of expansion to 210 m3/h, will be equipped with, among other things, reinforced concrete storage tanks for clean water, rinsing water clarification plant and a solar farm to power the station. A remote water meter reading system will also be installed in the Kotla community.

The Consortium will also decommission the existing water intakes, the water treatment stations in Kotla and Chociemyśl and the pumping station in Moszowice.

“We have secured the largest contract in NDI ENERGY’s history in the water and sewage industry. We are happy that as a company we are becoming more and more visible in the new sector. Two months ago, we completed the sewage treatment plant in Sośnie, we are currently in the process of taking over the sewage treatment plant in Stary Wiązów, a few months ago we signed a contract for the sewage treatment plant in Witobel, and soon we will be designing and building further facilities for the sewage treatment plant in Kotla and the water treatment station in Chociemyśl. The consortium will also build almost 30 kilometres of pipelines, which is a natural complement to the entire investment,” says Cezary Chruściński, President of the Management Board of NDI Energy.

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