19 February 2019

NDI Group an affiliate member of the Agreement for Construction Safety

On the last Wednesday, during the first this year’s meeting of the Steering Committee of the Agreement for Construction Safety, Ryszard Trykosko, Vice President and Head of Implementation, on behalf of the NDI Board signed a declaration of accession of NDI as an affiliate member to the Agreement.

“For us, the safety of our employees and workers have always been a priority”, says Ryszard Trykosko. “Therefore, accession to the Agreement for Construction Safety is only an official confirmation of one of the pillars of NDI. For many years, we have been trying to carry out our investments and constructions in such a way so as to avoid even the smallest risks at work.
The Agreement for Construction Safety is an initiative of general contractors, aimed at improving safety on Polish construction sites. It is, above all, building a culture of occupational work safety aimed at improving safety and eliminating accidents on Polish construction sites by developing and implementing a range of system solutions and good practices.

For our organization, where the highest value is the safety of people involved in the whole production process, joining the Agreement is not only a great honour, but also a commitment to continue our hard work to improve safety on construction sites.”, said Justyna Mierzejewska, Head of OHS Department at NDI. “With our everyday work, promotion of good practices, commitment and consistency in improving safety, we are striving to achieve the main goal – zero accidents. We need to remember that people, their health, lives and safety are always the most important.”, she added.

The Agreement for Construction Safety was concluded in 2010, and currently it includes 12 signatories and 3 associate members.

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