26 August 2019

NDI Development has chosen the designer of a new investment in Gdańsk

The new investment of NDI Development will be built in Jagiellońska St. in Gdańsk. This place is very attractive – it is located at the seaside, in the vicinity of the Regana Park.

This location deserves good architecture. That is why we decided to run a competition among four renowned architecture studios.

We expected unusual ideas not only for the building, but also its surroundings. A very important guideline for us was to create an open place that would attract people and encourage them to spend their free time there.

The concept of ROARK Studio chosen by us met our expectations to the greatest extent. The architects from this studio most effectively developed the available space. In addition, they proposed a very interesting form of the building – giving a direct view of the sea to the largest number of premises. In addition, they generated a small town square in front of the building, which will be completely open and accessible to everyone. The proposed biophilic design philosophy – i.e. direct contact with the natural environment and designing user-friendly space – has also gained great recognition.

We are currently working on analysing the possibilities of implementing solutions proposed by the architects and focusing on refining the concept and, as a result, preparing a construction design for this investment.

The launch of sales is planned for the second half of next year.

Below we present competition visualisations of the selected concept.

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