11 September 2020

National Road 86

National Road 86 at the height of Giszowiec was closed after heavy rain on Saturday 27 June. Rapid rainfall caused a landslide of the slope securing the road viaduct. Due to the progressive deformation of the active carriageway within DK86, it was closed for safety reasons. In the last weeks, the contractor has been working to restore traffic on the national road as soon as possible, as a result of which it will be possible to do so 10 days earlier than assumed by the adopted schedule.

Both the city representatives and the contractor reacted to the emergency situation immediately. A crisis team was called straight away and work began on possible solutions. – In July, the contractor intensified the works, which resulted in the opening of the roadside of ul. Pszczyńska, i.e. national road no. 86, 10 days earlier than we had assumed in the schedule. Not on 30 September, as originally planned, but from Saturday 19 September, the traffic will be guided through the new overpass with one lane in each direction – says Bogumił Sobula, first Vice Mayor of Katowice. Behind the new facility, drivers will return to the existing eastern roadway heading southwards to Giszowiec, Tychy (DK86) or DK81 (ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty), and the entire western carriageway will be ready next spring. It is then planned to open the exit from A4 motorway in the direction of Tychy. In turn, the completion of construction works on the entire investment is expected in the second quarter of 2022.

In connection with the completion of work on a new viaduct, which will enable the opening of a passageway along national road No. 86, the contractor will continue work along ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty. – As early as September, we will want to move traffic to ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty for the new roadway. We will keep the traffic here all the time – one lane in each direction. However, the scope of work requires the closure of the current exit from ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty and Karolinka towards Tychy and Murcek. Therefore, from 19 September we will introduce detours for drivers – says Adam Owsiany, project director, NDI.

For drivers going in the direction of Tychy and Murcek from ul. Kolista and ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty and ul. Karolinki, the detours are introduced for about 5 weeks.
Drivers driving from ul. Kolista, ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty and ul. Karolinki will be guided by signposting on ul. Pszczyńska in the direction of the centre, then ul. Murckowska to the exit at the height of the Municipal Cemetery, the turnout at ul. Porcelanowa and return via ul. Murckowska and ul. Pszczyńska in the direction of Tychy and Murcek. Drivers driving from Mysłowice along ul. Mysłowicka, will be led by signposting to the detour through the streets: ul. Szopienicka, Górniczego Dorobku, Gospodarcza to the junction at ul. Porcelanowa, then along ul. Murckowska and ul. Pszczyńska in the direction of Tychy and Murcek. It will be a detour to relieve the Giszowiec district. For the residents of Giszowiec, there will be an exit in the direction of Tychy and Murcek to the left from ul. Górniczego Stanu.

In connection with the opening of ul. Pszczyńska, bus transport will be restored to the state before its closure. Details on public transport will be available on the ZTM website.

Let us recall that the whole investment consists of two essential parts. – The first one is the construction of a new collision-free junction of two national roads – ul. Pszczyńska (DK86) and ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty (DK81) and the extension of ul. Pszczyńska (DK86) from A4 motorway to ul. Górniczego Stanu. Therefore, the supra-local communication of the southern part of the Katowice agglomeration with its central zone and the urban area of the south-eastern part of Katowice will be improved in terms of connection with national roads and the city centre. The second part includes the extension of the existing road junction of ul. Pszczyńska (DK 86) with ul. 73. Pułku Piechoty, ul. Karolinki, ul. Kolista, serving local traffic – says Bogusław Lowak, Head of the Transport Department of Katowice City Hall and stresses that pedestrians and cyclists will also gain new, collision-free connections. The cost of the entire investment amounts to PLN 247.5 million, of which as much as PLN 210 million is the obtained co-financing under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment.

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