19 May 2020

Investment in the Port of Gdańsk is at the finish

Investment in the Port of Gdańsk is at the finish

85% of the work is already behind us. In autumn, NDI will complete the reconstruction of the road and rail system at the Port of Gdańsk. 5.6 km of new roads, 16 switches, 4 flyovers and a buffer parking lot for trucks are being built here.
An additional track to the DCT terminal, new tracks to coal terminals and a modern rail traffic control system have already been completed.

The last soil reinforcements consisting in making CFA piles on the ramp to the WD-4 facility have been completed, and now earthworks are underway. After the completed surface work, on the new road surface of Kontenerowa Street, the contractor, NDI, is preparing to move traffic and rebuild the existing roadway. This will be the last stage of work. Construction of the WD-2 flyover with ramps was completed. 95% of network works on the main rainwater collectors have been carried out, and the reconstruction of the last sections of the streets inside the port, i.e. Budowniczych Portu Północnego Street (right lane), mjr. H. Sucharskiego Street and kpt. W. Poinca Street has commenced.

Effective and interesting works are underway in Portowa Street, where a parking lot with a concrete surface for trucks is being built.
‘We are at the stage of making concrete pavements 27 cm thick,’ says Maciej Szymański, construction manager from NDI. ‘The parking lot has an area of 15,000 square metres, and its volume is 4,700 cubic metres of high-strength C40/50 concrete. Due to high strength and quality requirements set by the investor, we had to adapt the method of incorporating the mixture by the slip forming method. This method involves the use of a machine that can in one pass spread concrete, compact it, vibrate dowels and anchors and trowel concrete. The machine performs simultaneously four activities that would be performed manually by about 30-40 workers and we would not be sure whether the surface will have the set quality,’ adds Maciej Szymański

‘We are pleased with the progress of work as well as the fact that we are one step away from the completion of such an important undertaking. The currently implemented investment will improve road and rail traffic in the part of the road system that serves external terminals, mainly the DCT, Sea-Invest and Gaspol terminals,’ says Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdańsk.

The method used by NDI finds its application both in the performance of airports and highways. It allows to obtain the required degree of compaction in the entire cross-section of the pavement, in this case a thickness of 27 centimetres.

The machine used makes it possible to make even 15,000-20,000 square metres of pavement per month, which, considering adverse weather conditions, gives 150,000 square metres per year.
As a part of the project to expand the road and rail system at the Outer Port carried out by NDI for Port of Gdańsk, the following streets are being reconstructed: Portowa, Poinca, Kontenerowa and Budowniczych Portu Północnego, with a total length of 5.6 km. Four new flyovers are under construction and two existing ones will be demolished (including one over active railway tracks and the other over a set of fuel supply pipes of PERN, LOTOS and Naftoport). An additional track to the DCT terminal, new tracks to coal terminals and a modern rail traffic control system are planned. A buffer parking lot for trucks will also be built – the first in this part of the Port. The investment worth over 176 million is implemented by NDI from Sopot.

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