3 January 2024

Intensive work on the expansion of the DK22

Ground reinforcement using geotextile mattresses, demolition of overload embankments or installation of steel sheet piles. Intensive work is underway on the construction of the National Road No. 22.

NDI Group companies are reconstructing a section of more than 10 kilometres from Królewo Malborskie to the border of the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships. The project will reduce travel times and improve safety for drivers and passengers. In recent weeks, when the adverse weather conditions ceased, work on the road reconstruction was intensified.

“On the first section, work is underway on partial lane closures 1, 4 and 6. Among other things, bituminous works are being carried out and the sub-base is being laid. On the partial lane closure W1, work on the P1 culvert is in progress,” says Wojciech Deputat, site manager from the NDI Group. “If the weather continues to be favourable, traffic obstructions are planned to be removed on selected sections,” adds Wojciech Deputat.

The consolidation process, i.e. the reinforcement of the ground using the drainage column method, on the sections made using sand injection technology, has been completed. Demolition of the overload embankments, earthworks, as well as further ground reinforcement work is underway – geotextile mattresses are being made.

“In Stare Pole, we have started the construction of a retaining wall by the existing fire-fighting reservoir. Paving work is underway in Królewo Malborskie. We have completed the first stage of steel sheet piling. In January, we plan to continue this work, but also to carry out ground anchors and then, if weather conditions permit, to carry out a reinforced concrete cap,” says Wojciech Deputat, site manager from the NDI Group.

In addition to the road expansion works, a retention and evaporation basin is being constructed, new sections of storm water drainage are being built and energy conflicts are being reconstructed.

The investor is the Gdańsk branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The general contractor is the Sopot-based NDI Group.

The National Road No. 22 expansion is scheduled for completion in November 2024. The reconstructed road will then be widened. In parallel, a cycle path will be built along the entire length of the project and new pavements will be laid. The reconstruction also includes intersections with cross roads as well as culverts, exits and bus bays. The expansion of the DK 22 is being carried out taking into account the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. The cost of the project is over PLN 175.6 million.

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