Information about the project: -The investment encompasses putting in place: - an enlarged roofed manege and warm-up arena - Amateur stables for 74 horses fit for recreational riding (64 full size horses and 10 ponies), saddle room with toilets, indoor warm-up arena, and a specially fitted hippotherapy complex. - A hippotherapy complex with a hall sized230 m2, a70 m2gym hall with locker rooms and toilets, and the trainers’ private area. - Professional stables for 112 racing horses, with the accompanying facilities and a roofed warm-up arena, hay and straw storage, and a grain silo. - The revitalised authentic Judge Stands building with office space, boiler room, and a conference room for 100 people appended with toilets and cloak room on the ground floor. - The upper floor will house fully glazed stands for the audience of 160, and a compartment for the umpire and technical committees. - A novelty Equestrian Amusement Park– the first in Pomerania. - Garage and workshop facilities. - A special jockey building intended to serve the riders before and during the race, comprising the referee room with the rider scales, the lockers, and a leisure room. The building will be appended with breezeways and roofed box stalls for horses awaiting the race.
NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
Hipodrom Sp. z o.o. Investor Hipodrom Sp. z o.o.
2012-2013 Project’s execution 2012-2013

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