25 March 2024

Great expansion of the State Archives in Katowice!

NDI Group, as general contractor, will modernise the State Archives in Katowice. The plans include the expansion of existing facilities and the construction of completely new ones, which will be partially interconnected. As part of the project, modern warehouse buildings as well as conference and workshop rooms will be constructed. The archive will gain new functionalities and an original appearance.

There are currently three buildings on the premises of the State Archives in Katowice: building number 9 – with the main archive warehouse, building 10, which also stores archives and houses offices, and the main building – number 1, which houses administrative premises, including a reading room and a warehouse for collecting books. The project involves not only the reconstruction of existing infrastructure, but also the construction of completely new one.

“We are delighted to have signed a contract for another project in southern Poland. Engineers from the South Division will have the opportunity to add modern and architecturally interesting buildings to their projects, which will be built after the existing complex has been expanded. In recent years, we have completed a wide variety of buildings that include those constructed in Silesia, such as the swimming pools in Katowice Szopienice and Brynów. We are currently in the process of constructing the Municipal Stadium in Katowice,” says Małgorzata Winiarek – Gajewska, President of the NDI Group.

The modernised six-building complex of the State Archives in Katowice will include warehouses for archives, conference and exhibition rooms, office spaces and a reading room. The modern buildings will be partially connected by glazed connectors on the southern side.

Modern gas fire extinguishing system

“In the existing building number 1, the northern facade, i.e. the main entrance, and the southern facade with the emergency staircase and lift will be reconstructed. In the northern zone, behind the main building, a three-storey building 2 will be constructed to house conference rooms, exhibition areas, offices, a bar, as well as associated warehouses, a server room, technical and utility rooms. Building 3 and 4 are mainly warehouses for archives. Each segment has shelving units approximately 2.20 metres high with six levels of shelves,” says Wojciech Pałczyński, Director of the South Division of the NDI Group. “In turn, the currently one-storey warehouse building 9 will be demolished in the southern part and three new storeys will be constructed there. A lift will be added to Building 10. Importantly, it is planned to connect building 1 through building 3 to building 9 and further through a connecting passage to buildings 4 and 10.”

The new warehouse for archives will be equipped with a modern and safe gas fire extinguishing system.

5,000 m3 of concrete and 450 tonnes of steel

According to the project design, the entire complex of buildings will refer in its colour scheme to the logo of the State Archives, which features the colours grey and red, giving it a distinctive appearance.

The total area of this project will be over 10,000 m2. The scope of the task will include earthworks, reinforced concrete, masonry, the installation of doors and windows, finishing works, sanitary and electrical installations as well as those related to land development.

The general contractor will use more than 5,000 m3 of structural concrete and 450 tonnes of reinforcing steel for the expansion of the State Archives. The cost of the project is over PLN 70 million gross.

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